Saturday, 30 April 2011

Guillemots Egg

On Thursday it was just beautiful day and as the sun glistened of the water and everyone started to put their suncream on, the Kittiwakes were hoping for a little bit of shade, but there was not going to be much chance of that.

Along the same cliff face we noticed that an egg was just sitting there on its own. At first we thought it must be broken or abandoned but when we came back out on our next trip we saw a Guillemot land beside it and then started to move it so she could sit on it. I was totally surprised that it stayed there so long and a Gull did not get an early lunch.
Most of the Guillemots eggs are Green with Brown blotches but i have since been told you can also get Yellow-ish with Brown blotches and a few White ones with Brown blotches.
We were lucky to see the White ones today.

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