Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Night Photography

Its been very quite on the bird front lately so I have been out with my camera trying some new stuff. Some have been successful but others have flopped big time. Never mind at least I tried and I do need a lot more practise that's for sure.

I have even had my little girl Charlie with me on some accession's and she's seems to have enjoyed it, but one night was a little to much for her. Bless her, she was freezing.
She has also been hinting for own camera and it might be a good excuse for me to buy one for her and then just have it myself. The wife will never know. "He say's to himself". 

I have also been painting the boats along with Andy and Tony of course, but the weather lately has stopped all that, so now I have been roped into painting my house. Oh the joys of winter.

If I get some more practise in then fingers crossed I will have it cracked. Well hopefully I will, but for now here is a few pictures.

Star Trails at Dunstanburgh Castle.

Charlie freezing her toes off. Thank god it was not a school night.  

Stag Rock but its a bit light for my liking

The Stag itself

Any comments, hints or tips please let me know.

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Steve Daly said...

Hi Andrew - great pictures. Star trails is something I want to do but haven't tried yet. Sandra & me will be back in Seahouses for another couple of weeks in June and looking forward to seeing you and Andy again, not to mention a few more trips out with you. get the weather ordered up... ...a couple of weeks like last year will do us fine!