Sunday, 27 February 2011

Cold Day

It was really bitter out at The Farne today as the N.W wind. We only just got to the islands and i was frozen but when you see all the Guillemots flying around it soon warms you up.

Not a vast amount out their today but enough to keep myself and my customers happy.
About 3,000 Guillemots, 30+ Razorbills, 60+ Wigeon, 2 Teal, 5 Redshank, 60+ Turnstones, Oystercatchers, 4 Goldeneye and 1 Peregrine Falcon sitting and waiting for lunch.

I have made my mind up i need a bigger lense for my camera as its just not good enough. I miss loads of shoots as its just a dot in the back ground. If i hint enough i might get one for my 40th this year. Well I can live in hope can't I.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

No two days are the same

Only a few 1000 Guillemots a day ago over 10,000+ today.
Loads of Razorbills today as well. We counted over 50 on the Inner Farne cliff face alone, and 84 in total.

The weather was a real mixture today with a strong north west wind this morning which made i really cold and then turned out beautiful.

We have had 4 Golden Eye's in the harbour over the last couple of weeks which is nice to see, and as we left the harbour this morning we saw a single Red-breasted Merganser fly past the bow of the boat.

About half way across to the islands we noticed 4 Harbour Porpoise heading south and about 4 Long-tailed Ducks. I'm not really sure the except amount as they were close to the water and it was very dull.

With the wind the way it was this morning their was hardly any seals about but enough to for the customer's to enjoy. Saying that their was still a good few but just not hundreds like we have seen throughout the winter.

As the day went on the sun came out and turned beautiful, so i decided to have a little wander around a few places.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Great mixture wildlife

Well it was just a beautiful day today. Blue sky's, flat calm seas, lovely customers and a good mixture of wildlife.
As we slowly steamed towards The Farne Islands, we hardly got a 100 yards out of the harbour entrance when we approached 5 Golden Eye's, 4 Females and 1 Male. Great little start to the day.

On arriving at The Scarcar Rock, 6 Long-tailed Ducks flew south really low to the water, and on the rock about 20 Shags with full crest of feathers on their heads.
Just around the corner towards Knocks Reef we encountered over 100 Wigeon's flying around in circles then eventually landing in The Kettle. Up above we watched 21 Brent Geese fly over head then land on Knocks. As we manoeuvred the boat closer to have a look we noticed they were sitting there with 9 Cormorant's. A few of the Cormorant's had white patches on thighs.

We traveled over towards Staple Island passing a few Guillemots along the way then across to Brownsman Island to see those Grey Seals.
As we look towards the wardens cottage their were lots of seals are baking in the sunshine then we saw the state of the bank side. The seals have been rubbing themselves up and down the bank side, over the Puffins burrows destroying them as they are molting. I suppose they have to get rid of their lose fur somehow but what a mess.
Some of the seals look a lot like their name at this time of the year (Grey) but i noticed a really dark coloured seal which will be the darkest one i have seen for a few years.

As i turned the boat to head towards Longstone Lighthouse we saw 12 Lapwings resting on Nameless Rock.
I have never seen Lapwings at the islands before but i will have to ask David Steel (Head Warden) when i see him. It may be common but hopefully David will read this and give me an answer.

With the sun shinning and the seas calm we steamed towards The Inner Farne to be greeted with 100+ Curlews resting on the north side of Knocks Reef, and about 30 Turnstone's searching for food. With a single Whimbrel flying west toward land.

As we went below the Inner Farne Lighthouse their were about 1000 Guillemot's on the water.

After thanking the customers for joining us on such a beautiful day we noticed 4 Harbour Porpoise on the bow of the boat. What a nice ending to the day.

Today's Sightings

Golden Eye 5
Brent Geese 21
Long-tailed Ducks 6
Guilliemots 1000+
Redshanks 10
Turnstones 30
Lapwings 12
Wigeon 100
Purple Sandpipers 21
Razorbill 3
Whimbrel 1
Cormorants 15
Curlews 100+
Harbour Porpoise 4

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Water, Wildlife & Walking 2011

We've just added an exciting and unique new programme for 2011. Working with Northumbrian Wildlife Tours we're pleased to launch Water, Wildlife & Walking 2011 an exclusive combined boat and walking tour of some of North Northumberland's fantastic coastline.

Sailing out of Seahouses in the early morning we'll be heading south to the old fishing port of Craster, famous for it's kippers and star of many TV shows. On the way we'll make a close approach to one of Northumberland's most atmospheric seabird colonies at Gull Crag; carefully steering into the aptly named Rumbling Churn to view Gull Crag below the craggy remains of Dunstanburgh Castle.

Once at Craster our birdwatching and wildlife guide will be leading a full day walk back to Seahouses via some great birdwatching locations such as Newton Pool and the Long Nanny Tern Colony.
Group sizes are limited for this amazing day to ensure everyone gets to see and hear as much as possible, check out the dates at our programme page (link above) and book early to avoid disappointment.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Winter Dates.

This is your last chance for our Winter 4 Hour Tour. We have a few dates left so don't delay and pre-book now by calling us and receive a discounted tour price.
Enjoy the wonders of Holy Island and The Farnes as some birds leave but others arrive. These will be our last winter tours until September so don't miss out.
Click on our Winter Tour Dates for more details.

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