Sunday, 8 November 2015

Rare Albino Seal

On Saturday morning I took a gang of divers out to the Farnes and diving with the seals was on top of the agenda.
We dived a place called Big Harcar where Grace Darling did her famous rescue all those years ago. Its not a deep place to dive and the seals were everywhere. The guys got their kit on and off they went. After about 45 minutes they surfaced with smiles on their faces as they had such a good time playing with the seals, that they wanted to do it again.

It had rained since the second we left the harbour but after a hot cuppa the guys were ready to go back in for some more seal action, so we decided to go to another area called the Hopper, which is beside the Longstone Lighthouse and the water was teeming with seals so it was time to get kitted up and back in for a play.

We were just about to drop the first pair in when I noticed a very pale seal. At first I thought I was seeing things, so I gave myself a slap and took another look. Bloody hell its a Albino Seal.

I ran to the wheelhouse to get my camera and once again I had left it at home. What I plonker I am. A lovely lady said that I could use her camera, so without question I grabbed her camera and snapped a couple of pictures. The pictures are not the best, but I was so excited to see such a wonderful mammal it did not really matter.

The divers jumped in and myself and Andy watched the albino seal splash around like she was having the time of her life. Albinos tend to get rejected, and find it a real struggle to survive on their own but this youngster was having none of it and the other seals seemed to embrace her with open paws.
I'm not sure how she will cope later on in life and I know she will struggle with her eyesight but for the moment she is doing fine and it was a pleasure to witness such a wonderful mammal.

A big thank you to Andrew and the gang for joining me in the pouring rain as if was not for you I don't think I would have been in this area to witness such a wonderful sight. 

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