Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Lolo Williams

I had the privilege of meeting Lolo Williams the other week, as we took him out to the Farne Islands to do some filming for his new program and you can see him on Springwatch at the moment.

I have to say what a really nice man and so passionate about his wildlife and his patch as he would call it, Wales.

Sometimes when you meet a celebrity you are a little on edge as they are big stars and you are just a normal person doing your job, but this man puts you at ease straight away.

A friendly hand shake to say hello, then a bit of polite conversation, then all of a sudden a bit of banter and a good laugh. He is so different to other celebrity's I have met and it was a total pleasure.

They had a great day on the Farne Islands and they are doing the final touches to the program now so I will let you all know when it comes out.

Lolo being filmed on the way out to the Islands.

I even got in on the act.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


I have been trying to see one of these little beauty's for some years now but I always seem to miss them, but today I finally got a chance to see it.

I was picking my guests up from the Inner Farne when I heard that a Bluethroat had been seen and to be honest I was surprised no more birds had dropped in because the conditions were perfect. A little fog with an easterly wind but who was I to complain as it was a cracker.

I had finished for the day and I was given permission to go back for a quick look.

I was not disappointed as it showed really well as it was hopping around feeding but stopping long enough for me to have a really good look.

At one point it stopped and stared as if to say "I am a beauty aren't I" then off it went again.

It bounced around the Island like it was his home and with his blue throat and black band he proudly pushed out, looking at that bird over there with the brightly coloured bill, he does he think he is I'm much better looking than you mate, and today I must say he was....

Thank you guys for letting me see this beautiful bird and on your patch too.


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Bottlenose Dolphins again.

Iv'e been very lucky this week and had the same pod twice in a week.

It was Thursday afternoon that they were spotted again and this time in the middle of Staple Sound and they were there for more than 3 hours.

Nearly every boat in the harbour got a chance to see them and there was a lot of happy guests around.

When we arrived a few boats were already there and enjoying good views and they did not disappoint us when we arrived. Our guests were really happy to and after about 20 mins with them we took our guests over to the Inner Farne to land.

After we dropped them off, Andy (my crewman) just looked at me as if to say "come on lets go back", so of we went.

We had them around the boat for an hour and it was the best show by far. What really amazed me more than anything was that they were not really bothered about the boat as they were on the tide line feeding and then they popped up they seemed to be more pleased with their catch, but saying that they were showing off a good bit.

I would like to thank Ron (our skipper) for bringing out Sue, as she has never seen any dolphins before and boy oh boy did she love it. Oh sorry, Sue works in the booking office for us so next time you see her, she will probably still have a smile on her face.

Anyway, I have put a lot of pictures up here but I think they are worth it so enjoy everyone.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Bottlenose Dolphins

Yesterday myself and a few guests were lucky enough to see about 50 Bottlenose Dolphins just south of Seahouses.

I got a call from a friend who was hauling his pots to say that he had dolphins around his boat so we steamed towards him.

Just a little bit past him there they were and they looked like they were in a good mood too. They were jumping out of the water and we also noticed 2 very young ones to.

After about half an hour they headed south and we headed back to the harbour with massive smiles on our faces.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Pilot Whales

I could not help myself and I had a sneaky week away in Cape Verde again.

While I was there I booked myself trip on a rib to go whale watching, but I had it my head that the birds would be better as they has never seen any whales for about a week and a half and 2 trawlers had been in the area for a while so they might have been frightened away.

How wrong was I... We had only been out about 20 minutes before we spotted Pilot Whales in the distance and the next thing they were around the boat. I counted at least 30 and they were having a bit of fun in the waves to.

I also noticed some young calf's swimming close the their mothers and when the mother did a tail slap on the water the young calf tried it to. Most of the time without any success but at least it was trying. To be honest with you they could have done anything they wanted for my liking, but for me it was just a pleasure seeing them.

I also noticed a few females with a lot of scratches on them and this must have been the males getting a bit horny during the breeding season or just a good old fight.  I also noticed a lot of the dorsal fins were either damaged during a fight or some other way, but whatever the reason I'm going to send my pictures away to see if anyone knows the answers or if they recognise them. It will be a very interesting to find out either way so if I get anymore info I will let you know.

Anyway here are some pictures and I do hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Enjoying the waves

Having a splashing time

This one turned completely over

This one decided the games were over and left in a huff

Notice the nicks in the dorsal fin 

Showing off now

Totally showing off

I've got my eye on you

Mother and her calf

The calf trying to catch up

They are all joining in the fun now

Last but not least my favourite shot. A good old tail slap

I must admit I love the Cape Verde Islands and people think there is not much there but it has more to offer than you think, so keep an eye on my next blog as I will show you what it has to offer.