Monday, 14 August 2017

Booze Cruise

We did a booze cruise for the locals a few weeks ago and it was a lovely evening for it too. We went up to Holy Island and we were there for two hours and then returned to Seahouses.
After the day we had it was the perfect ending to the day.

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

A whale of a time

During our Inner Farne landing trip at lunchtime we were on our way to land when out the corner of his eye Andy saw a Minkie Whale.
I quickly stopped the boat and ran onto the deck but it was gone. Typical, and by then all the guests were getting excited too. Not saying that I was not excited as I was. We lay there looking around waiting for it to surface, then all of a sudden it was behind us. I turned the boat and headed in the direction it was going and again it disappeared. This time we waited and waited but nothing and we were just about to give up when it broke the surface.
You little (big) beauty and most of our guests got a chance to see it. Again it surfaced and all you could hear was the wow's and ooo's and everyone saw it this time.
A guest asked me if I was enjoying it and I told them I was like a young child in a sweet shop. It has been a while sine I have seem one. (Well that's my excuse anyway)

After a few times surfacing it was going to far away so we watched it swim away in the distance and as I turned to see our guests they were all beaming with very large smiles. It great to see something so beautiful in our waters and our guests were thrilled too.

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That's it for another season

Where has this breeding season gone.

It seems to only a few weeks ago since we were getting the boats ready for the start of the season and now the end is in sight.
I know we still have a few months to go and all the seal pups will be arriving but I just can't get over how quickly it has gone.
Some of the Scottish kids are going back to school soon and it does not seem like two minutes ago since they first bloke up. I keep in thinking to myself, its an age thing but when I talk to other people younger than me, they say the same thing.

It scary seeing the first puffins arrive and now we are praying we see at least one now. Fingers crossed the dolphins stay around the area as they have been amazing this season. It has to be the best season for them so far and fingers crossed we have more to come.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

The end is near

We are nearly at the end of the breeding season and to be honest I just don't know where it has gone to. The season has been a bit mixed but overall I think its not been bad at all but when the rangers finish crunching numbers we will know for sure.
Judging by what we see everyday I think the seabirds have done really well. We had that little blip near the end with the N.E. seas but other than that it seems to be ok.
The rain over the last few weeks has been a pain but the Inner Farne has only closed a few times this year which is great news.
Staple Island has been closed loads, with all the rain and the seas at the jetty which is really annoying but I suppose its the norm.

Anyway here are a few pictures of the seabirds growing quick and other getting ready to leave. We have also are seeing the dolphins lots again and they have been wowing us as well as our guests and hopefully we will see them all the way until the end of the season.

 The Kittiwakes are growing fast now so it will not be long before the head out to sea.

 Young Kittwake with an adult.

 Young Arctic Tern

 Puffins are starting to get ready to leave now.

 A seal enjoying the little bit of sunshine we have had this year.

 Our diving boat enjoying some bottlenose dolphin action as they play with the bow of the boat.

 A Puffin peaking over the edge of the cliff.

A Razorbill fly by.

Monday, 24 July 2017

A tour of Serenity 3

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Nature is Cruel

Mother nature is very cruel at times and we hardly get bad weather during the summer so when we get big tides combined with strong N.E. winds you just know its all going to go pear shaped.

About 2 weeks ago all the Kittiwakes that were doing so well have gone and only the ones further up the cliff faces have survived even though they look scruffy they should be fine.
The ones that built their nests close to the waters edge unfortunately did not survive which is such a crying shame. I know they take a risk doing this but usually we only one or two kittiwakes building there nests so close but this year there was loads of them doing it and in my heart of hearts I thought we were going to have a great summer as so many were doing it, but how wrong was I.

It breaks my heart really as we see then build there nests, mate and then we wait and then the first sight of an egg we are chuffed to bits for them. After that we wait and wait until we spot a chick and then we get to see it grow day by day until they leave the nest for pastures new.
Its great to see our seabirds in such a manner but when mother nature is so cruel it quickly takes the smile of your face.

I'm not sure about the puffins but with all this rain we have had I don't suppose it will be good news for them either. Yes I know what goes around comes around but sometimes I wished we just had fine weather for the breeding season and a real summer and then a proper winter and at least we know where we stand. My boy is 5 now and never seen snow yet but then again I don't think he has seen a summer either. Well that might be a bit OTT.

The Rangers on the Inner Farne did all they could with the Arctic Terns and put fish boxes on the beach with sand in them so that the terns nest were higher than the water but the weather was that bad when they woke up the next day all the boxes and chicks were gone.

We all love the islands and when we get home we talk about what we saw but sometimes we never give them a thought during a rain storm or gales and when they dive bomb and peck you on the head, we complain because it hurts but know one ever thinks that have had to protect their chicks during gale force winds through the night and the last thing they need is us going to close to their chicks.
We would do the same for our kids so when the rangers do their best to make sure they will be okay there is nothing they can do to save the chicks during weather like we have had.

Fingers crossed its a one off and everything will be okay at the end of the season.

We found this Kittiwake struggling in the water today and Andy and myself tried to save it. A friend was onboard and told us to keep it warm and get some food into it but unfortunately we tried but failed.

 This was the scene on the Inner Farne beach before the waves took the boxes away. When the rangers woke in the morning they saw the boxes float away. Its such a shame.

These 3 little fellas were healthy enough but just needed a good clean but I suppose they would get that when they eventually jump off the cliff.

Hopefully this post is the only bad one and all the rest are good from now. 

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Friday, 7 July 2017

Crazy amount of dolphins and crazy weather

We have updated our vlog and this time its all about the dolphins.We have seen loads of Bottlenose Dolphins this year and at one stage we were seeing them nearly every other day.
While I write this blog its been about 12 days since we last saw them so we are due a sighting soon I would say.

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

New Life

The noise is unreal at the moment from all the seabirds and the noise level has increased as the chicks are calling at the top of their voices too.

Its great to see new life at the Farnes and doing so well too but as I write this blog the seas are terrible and it feels more like a winters day than it does a summers day. I do hope all the seabirds will be ok during this dreadful weather we are having. On a plus note the Farnes had its 1st ever mega bird pass through the Staple Sound today (29/06/17) a Black-Browed Albatross. This a mega bird and I bet the rangers who saw it will be having a party tonight and who could blame them.

The season is now ticking away and it will not be long before all the seabirds will be gone and another season is over. I don't really like this feeling but I suppose I get it every year and you would think I would be used to it by now. Don't get me wrong we still have a few week to go but we are starting to see gaps appear on the rocks now.

I have noticed this year that the Kittiwakes have done really well and they have had more than just one chick too.

The Guillemots have been jumping loads, which is great for all of our guests to see. Jimmy, (one of the lads that works for us) caught a jumpling on film the other day which was great to see. We also saw the Luecistic Guillemot again and it looks in really good health. I thought it would not survive but it seems to be doing just fine which is great news. 

New Life is just a wonderful thing to see and its hard to believe that in a few years time they will be back looking for their own partners and starting their families too.

Nature is such a wonderful thing and every year it gives thousands of people enjoyment, including myself.

Lots of the seabirds are doing really well and they can become very aggressive towards other seabirds if they think they are going to harm their chicks.
The other day Andy (my crewman) and myself witnessed a shag trying to kill a guillemot as it must have got to close to her chicks. It was in some ways fascinating to watch but then in another way it was sickening. The guillemot got away but the fear in the other guillemots eyes as she was trying to protect her chick at the same time was awful. Lucky for her the shag just went back to her chicks and never bothered her but she must have been so frightened in case she did but then further along the cliff was a young razorbill peaking out of its mother wing thinking I'm glad I'm over here and not there.

There has also been lots of feeding frenzies going on which is great to see and it feeds lots of hungry seabirds too. The seals have enjoyed the sun and we have had some really nice sunset cruises too.

We also have had some great views of the Bottlenose Dolphins and their young too and they always aim to please. Its also great to see the smiles on peoples faces after they see the dolphins as its unexpected and most people don't ever think they will see them in the uk.

Overall everything has been coming on nicely but lets hope this weather has not knocked them back to much.

 Once again thank you for reading 


Friday, 16 June 2017

Its that time again

It does not seem to be two minutes ago when the seabirds were arriving and now some of them are leaving.
We saw a good few chicks this week and they are really cute too. We also saw a lot of jumplings (Guillemot Chicks) taking that giant leap of the cliff faces into the water and then of out into the big wide world called the north sea.

Its great to see new life being brought into this world and to watch them grow day by day is something special.We are lucky seeing this everyday and its lovely to see them grow stronger and stronger everyday until the moment they leave and then it sinks in. "Oh shoot, its nearly coming to the end of the breeding season again.
Don't worry there is still a long time to go, as the seabirds that are leaving at the moment are early ones but we all know how time flies and before you blink your eyes it will be all over for another year.

I hate it when it gets closer to the end of the breeding season but every year I say the same thing and it never gets any easier.
Never mind, here are a few chicks and those cute little Jumplings.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Life on board Serenity 2

We have updated our vlog again and this time we show you around Serenity 2.

Myself and Andy work on Serenity 2 and we give you a brief view about the boat and what we do for a living.
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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Sunset Cruise

Just a quick post to let you all know that we have started our Sunset Cruises once again and they will be running every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 to 9pm until mid September.

As the season goes on the trips will depart a bit quicker each week as the nights will be drawing in so it best to call from mid August onwards.

Tuesday the 16th May was our 1st of the year and it was a cracker. Clear skies and good company made the trip. Yes it was cold by then end of the trip but it was totally worth it.

So if you fancy joining me this season then just give a call or reserve your seat online.

Call 01665 721667 or 01665 720760