Monday, 16 April 2012

Puffin Pictures

The weather has been a bit up and down over the last few weeks and we have missed a lot of days due to bad weather. I know it's my lively hood and you have to take the rough with the smooth, but when I see some of the people's faces when I tell them we will not be going out today due to bad seas, it hurts. This Easter was very hit and miss and we missed a good few days, but when we did get out I did manage to get a good few pictures of our favourite birds.( THE PUFFIN )

They have been coming and going over the last few weeks but today they seem to be a lot more settled. I seen a few mating on the water at The Wideopens and today was the first day I seen a lot in the water at Staple Island. I also heard today that the Wardens (Oh sorry Rangers) have seen the first Puffin egg, so another sign they are getting settled.

Well it's getting to that time everyone, when all the birds are coming back and you will be clicking like mad getting that award winning picture. So here is a little taste of some Puffin pictures you might be able to get.

All these pictures were taken during that lovely spell we had before Easter and I don't use any Photo Shops either as I just point and shot, so if your any good or a pro just imagine the shots you could get. This is one of the reasons why my Catamaran is a great boat as I can get you in closer to get that perfect shot.

Sorry that sounds as I'm blowing my own trumpet, but I do try to do my best for everyone and if I can get these pictures while trying to steer the boat at the same time well it just goes to show you.