Friday, 9 December 2016

Dirty Jobs

During the off season we need to do a lot of work on the boats but this year it is a little bit different to other years, as we have two new engines to go into Serenity II.

Yes it's a bit of a ouch moment as they cost a few bob but she really needs it. If it was the engine in your car, you would have sold it a long time ago. Both engines have about 500,000 miles on them, so you can understand why we want to replace them.
The old engines are in good working order but we are going to get them over hauled and put on the bench just in case the worst thing happens and at least we have a engine to put in. It makes sense really as the last thing we want is to be tied up during the season because on of the engines have broken down, so if we have one or two on the shelf ready to go then we should be ok.

Serenity II and Mara Mhor (our diving boat) really need some tlc too so its about time we gave them some loving and boy did they need it.

So over the last month or so its been all hands on deck cleaning, scrubbing, polishing and now its time for a little holiday. Well the boats are getting a break so we have decided to have one too.

Don't worry I will be updating the blog over the next few weeks.

In the meantime here are some pictures of all the hard work we have been doing lately. 


Monday, 5 December 2016

Inner Farne Lighthouse

The Inner Farne Lighthouse is finally getting painted and boy it looks lush too.
Its been a long time and the National Trust lads have been going over everyday to sort it all out and it looks just perfect now.
The shine on her as you pass looks great and lets hope it stays this way because its something to be proud of.