Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Blood Bath

The other day I was out with some guests and we stopped to see the seals. As I was telling them all about the seals I noticed there was a dead seal draped over a rock. I continued with my speech hoping that know one would see it, but unfortunately you could not miss it.

After looking at the seal for a while we noticed that it was only fast asleep and was just exhausted from fighting. Boy oh boy what a mess. The blood was everywhere but as long as the seal was okay that was the main thing.

Here are some pictures of the seal and you can see why we thought it was dead when we first saw it.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Getting Settled

Today was the first time I have noticed all the birds starting to get settled and all we need now is for the weather to behave itself and let our birds get one with the job and put smiles on many a face.

The Shags are building their nests now. Birds are pairing off and we have even seen some mating going on. Its all starting to happen now and I'm really starting to get excited, so fingers crossed they all have a great breeding season.

Today was extreme weather and one that will stick in my mind for some years to come. We had it all, from sun to rain, then cold from the northerly wind, and back to sun again and to add a little bit extra to the fun we had thunder, lightening, snow and hail stones. I must admit I've not seen weather change so much as it did today, so god knows what our poor wildlife thinks of it all.

We never get a dull day at the Farne Islands onboard Serenity.

The Guillemots are back in their thousands again.

Puffins everywhere on the water and on the Islands. They are all cleaning their burrows ready for the newborn's

A Shag on it's nest

The rain pouring down on the Inner Farne

Black clouds ahead

A pair of mating Kittiwakes

Watch out lads it's his first time landing

Pairing Puffins

Pairing Eider Ducks

We even got a Tufted Duck on our return to the harbour.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Playful Seals

I noticed a couple of seals fighting today and the first thing that came into my head was to grab my camera as this was going to be a bloody battle.

It was not the battle I expected but it was total play fighting and they were having so much fun doing that they did not care about me one little bit. In fact I think they were enjoying the attention they were getting and started to show off a little.

Never mind here is some of the pictures I got so enjoy them.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


On the way out towards the Islands the other day, (When it was sunny) I noticed a group of gulls gathering above the water and thought they must have seen some food to eat but they never dived into the water to get it, and then I saw a seal pop to the surface with a big fish in her mouth. The gulls were there just for the scraps but this seal was giving them none. As I watched the seal it became clear that the seal was ripping the skin carefully of the fish and just eating the meat only. I don't know the real name of the fish but we call it a lump sucker and the skin is like rubber so I don't blame the seal for not wanting to eat it.

Anyway here are some pictures.

The seal looked as though she was enjoying it and the gulls never got one little bit. Also have a look at the size of the claws.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Lazy Day's

Over the last few days it has been lovely at the Farne Islands but today was the best by far. It turned a little in the afternoon but nothing to complain about.

It's been very quiet on the bird front but the Puffins and Guillemots are slowly starting to arrive and we have seen a few Sandwich Terns over the last 2 days.

I have noticed a big big drop in the Shags this year. I know the weather over the winter has not helped one bit but boy oh boy they are very thin on the ground. I also noticed today that the Shags were just starting to gather nesting materials and this time last year they were on eggs.

The Kittiwakes are gathering in big numbers and starting to pair off but they have not started to build their nests either. We even have a few Long-tailed Ducks in the harbour and at the Islands in winter plumage.

The weather affect's lots of things in this world and it's hard for us sometimes but if must be terrible for the wildlife.

We have to look on the bright side and hope that everything turns itself around and figures are good by the end of the breeding season.

Here are some seals enjoying the weather we have had over the last few days.