Thursday, 28 April 2011

Amazing April

Well its been just a pleasure to be out on the sea, around The Farne Islands over the last few weeks. We had a few days of fog which was very frustrating, but other than that we can't complain at all.

The Puffins are busy flying back and forward gathering nesting materials for their burrows. Lots of Shags are still building their nests but lots of them are sitting on eggs now. The Guillemots are sitting on eggs and I'm sure i heard a chick the other day on The Brownsman but everywhere i looked i could not see a thing.
We have our first Razorbills on eggs and lots of the Eider Ducks are on eggs now.

The last count on The Inner Farne for Sandwich Terns was 800+ and in the mornings it was up to 23 of Little Terns before heading off.

On Scarcar Rock the other day we saw our first Whimbrel. This was the first sighting for the islands this year and we were pleased as the wardens did not see it. Mind they got their own back as they saw a Hawk Harrier. Oh well at least we had our little moment of glory.

With the winds being from the west over the the first half of the month it never really brought any different bird in but the wind has changed direction over the last week so it might bring in a few different birds.

I saw my first Sparrow Hawk flying high over Staple Island the other day. A few Pied Wagtails and a Rock Pipit which is nesting on Longstone Island.

Also either resting on Longstone Island or flying above it we have seen a good few Purple Sandpipers and Turnstones.

A little Willow Warbler landed on the boat the other day and it was so tired that it could not be bothered to move as i took pictures of it.
We think its from Scandinavia area as it does not have the Olive Green you see on most birds. If I'm wrong then please let me know.

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