Monday, 18 January 2016


As the kids are getting a little older and becoming a little bit more interested in wildlife etc, I decided to do a little bit more recycling with some wooden pallets.

I found a few pallets at the harbour and decided to make a bug hide. I looked at a couple of pictures on google and I had it in my head what I was going to do.

After a week or so it was complete and all I have to do now is fill it with twigs and wood etc. I think with today's throw away culture it was a good way to up-cycle something that would have been thrown way or burnt, plus I really enjoyed making it and I think the kids will love it too, and I know the little creatures will love it as well.

Sorry but the pictures are rubbish. They were taken on a broken phone.

 Old nails that I took out of the pallet. I bent them into letters and painted the with a bit of black.

All done and sitting on the front of the drive. The kids have started to look for things to put into it and then all we need are some bugs. Free of course... 


Friday, 15 January 2016


Just a quick post to let everyone know that my best friend, my crewman and partner in crime has passed away this morning. He was in no pain at all but was very old indeed and it was his time.

If you know my dog then you will remember him for lots of reasons but in his later years he was always running around the harbour and then jumping onto the boat, as he would not let me go to sea on my own, plus he had to see the seals. He was the only dog allowed on the islands but this was just for a quick pee and then back on the boat. I would always know when dolphins were in the area as he used to cry with excitement and we can to the conclusion that he heard the whistle from the dolphins blow hole before we did and it was a great help for us as we were on step ahead of the game.  

When I first got him my mam asked me what was I going to call him and without hesitation I said "Bud" because he was going to be my best buddy and boy was I right.  He never left my side from the day I got him and he was still there today. The only time I have left him was when my mam and dad looked after him when I went on holiday and that was only 2 weeks a year. 
I could go on and on about him but I know my loss is nothing compared to other people's, but writing this post helps me a lot, so I will sign off with a couple of pictures of him.

Take care mate from all you family and friends.

Monday, 4 January 2016

2015/2016 Aurora Show.

While people were partying on New Years Eve, I was out with my camera as there was a good chance of seeing the northern lights.
I headed across to Stag Rock in Bamburgh to see what was happening and when I arrived there was no sign of the lights, as thick cloud covered the skies. I got out of the car, when it started to pour down so I quickly back into the car and waited for it to clear.

The second the rained cleared there were gaps in the clouds and you could just start to see something coming through. A quick test shot to see if my camera was picking it up and it was. I grabbed my tripod and camera and decided to go onto the beach, but then after a while I decided to go somewhere else as I did not like the look of the pictures.
I walked back up the sand dunes in the pitch black, with my little head torch showing me the way, when I bumped into couple were standing at the top. I really crapped myself and once my eyes adjusted I looked at them and realized I knew who they were.

They took the pee out of me, as they said I screamed like a little girl. Oh well, these things happen, and I suppose and I can't even say a thing, as I have played a trick or two on them over the years. What goes around comes around I suppose......

I stayed with them and chatted for a while and the aurora was starting to show as a big green ark over the sea and towards Holy Island. While we were chatting there were fireworks on Holy Island and some in Bamburgh to but Holy Island was the better show, but it was really nice to watch the aurora with the fireworks from a distance.

After a good hour or so chatting I left in search of something different but I ended going to the beach to talk a picture of the stag itself and then I ended up in Bamburgh graveyard. I only stayed there for a while as I did not feel very comfortable but I liked the darkness of the place and I was really wanting to do something different instead of the same places. Not sure if I like the pictures really but I think it's down to what your taste is. Some of you might like them, and some of you might thick I was a bit disrespectful being in a graveyard at that time of night, but that was never my intention, and I apologise if I have upset anyone.

I looked at the time and headed home for the new year with the intention of going back out after big ben had done his stuff but the warmth of the house was to nice and I never made it back out.

Happy NewYear from everyone at Serenity Farne Island Boat Tours and thank you for reading the blogs.  


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I have been entered into the UK Blog Awards 2016 which is fantastic news, but it's all
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