Saturday, 28 April 2018

They are back.....

Well the nations favourite seabird is back on the Farnes and its great to see them again. I must admit I do love them, as they just seem to put a smile on my face when I see them and if you know me, then that does not happen very often. Yes, I'm talking about the Puffin.
Everything about the Puffin makes me smile and its great to see them back on the islands and this year is the year of the Puffin, as the National Trust wardens are doing the Puffin census.
This happens every 5 years and it takes 3 months to do but the final figures after the count will be based on the last 5 years so fingers crossed the result will be a good one. I will post again when the results are in.

All the seabirds are lovely but the Puffin stands out with its brightly coloured bill, funky walk and its nodding head, hence its nickname is the "Tommy Noddy"

Anyway they are back and I hope you all get a chance to see them.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The start of the season 2018

The new season has begun and I was already really looking forward to it but the weather reared its ugly head and has not only spoiled it for me but lots of people who have been here on holiday. Yes I have managed to get out some days but other days  I have not even left the house its been that bad.
We hardly ever get easterly winds on this coast but since the "Best from the East" we have been getting them nearly every week. We tend to get one or two a year but I have never known as many and as often as this.
Maybe its just me, as I tend to get to excited to get back out onto the water and show people what the Farnes has to offer, but the British weather just lets you down. I suppose its only the start of April and if I could ask for one thing I think it would be for the government to fix the Easter holidays and not just for my sake. but for all those people who are here on holiday.

On a lighter note when we have made it out on the water we have been lucky enough to see some Bottlenose Dolphins, Harbour Porpoise and my brother even saw a Minkie Whale, which was a real bonus. We have also seen a lingering Black Guillemot near the Longstone Lighthouse on a few occasion's which is really nice and it was starting to change back into its summer plumage too.

The seals have been everywhere and they seem to enjoy the sun when its out too. I know they are hardy creatures, but I do feel for them when the seas are big and the islands are getting battered by huge waves. When the seas are crashing over the harbour wall I'm glad I'm not out at sea in my boat and then I think of the seals and seabirds and all the things they have to put up with especially in bad weather.

Here is a few pictures I have taken lately around the Farne Islands and watch out for our next blog as it will be about the Puffins.

Over the years I have never seen as many seals on the beach at the Inner Farne but this seems to be becoming the place to be in the winter and who can blame them as its the perfect place to chill.

Again I have never seen the seas so big this year and when I chatted to some of the older fisherman they have never seen it so big either. I managed to get some pictures of the seas going over the top of Staple Island and The Inner Farne too.

 Once again thank you for reading our blog. Until next time.