Saturday, 11 August 2018

Goodbye Puffins

Saying goodbye is always hard, but it’s even harder saying goodbye to our beloved puffins that we have enjoyed watching so much this season.

However, this bittersweet feeling comes with a big smile as we have seen this amazing seabird mastering the daily challenges present in their colony life and meeting their achievement of raising their puffling (a puffin chick) successfully. It sure has been a good year for them.

A handful of our tommy noddies (how puffins are known locally) are still around the islands bringing food to the last of the chicks to rear, while bigger numbers have been spotted in small rafts of 5 to 20 puffins on the water. A sign that their winter migration to the north Atlantic has started. 

Therefore, the open ocean becomes the puffins’ home for the following 7 months of the year, where they live a solitary life and lose some of the bright colours on their beak, except for the distinctive orange colour in their beak and feet.

 In regard to the pufflings, it is goodbye for a longer time, as these strong chicks will spend around 2 to 3 years on the sea learning essential skills to survive. Hopefully they will return to the Farne islands, so we can welcome them home, while enjoying and sharing a close experience with the ‘clown’ of our seas.

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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Its nearly over

Its that time of the year again when all the seabirds start to leave and we only have a handful of Guillemots left now and it very noticeable when you can only see bird poo on the rocks. It looks like the white cliffs of Dover but with the smell and this year it has been really bad at times. I keep on telling people its good for them, while I'm nearly gagging in the wheelhouse.

Judging by other years its been a very successful season and all the seabirds have done really well. Even the shags have bounced back a little bit which is really pleasing as they seemed to be hammered at the beginning of the season due to the beast from the east.

One good thing at the moment is that the Puffins, Kittiwakes, and Shags of course are still here which is great for everyone but I don't think they will be here for long as they are starting to raft on the water, which is a sign they are getting ready to leave.

So if you are thinking of seeing a Puffin before they leave then do it sooner rather than later.

Once again thank you for reading our blog and we will try to keep you all up to date with what's happening around the Farnes.

Once again thank you for reading our blog.