Thursday, 12 May 2011

April Update

We had our first Shag chick hatched on The Inner Farne Lighthouse cliff on April 29th, now a clutch of 3 in one of our earliest nests. With the first eggs hatched, lots more will continue to follow.

At least 2 Mallard clutches have hatched, with 1 clutch of 7 ducklings seen on The Inner Farne pond.

The Eiders are on eggs now and "Winnie", an Eider that always nests outside the Pele Tower door each year has now returned.

Kittwakes are now on eggs with the first ones found on the 28th April.

Sandwich Terns are now settled and Jamie (The Inner Farne Warden) spotted the first eggs on the 30th April.

Guillemots are on eggs and it will not be long now until we see our first chicks.

The Arctic Terns and Common Terns are now back in full force, so iot will not be long before you will have to wear your hard hats.

The Puffins are alot more settled now. They still continue to lay their burrows.

Guillemots along the cliff face at Staple Island.

A Puffin on the cliff face at the south side of Staple Island.

Bamburgh Castle in evening sunshine.

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