Saturday, 14 June 2014

Stunning Sunset Cruise

We are back out doing the Sunset Cruises and so far they have not been bad, but Tuesday was beautiful.

A big black cloud followed us out but the sun was on our side which was the main thing. We slowly motored around the islands getting the best light on the birds as we could and by the end of the evening we went along the shore to get the sunset.

Once again a big cloud was spoiling it but as we reached the entrance of the harbour it broke through and it was amazing.

After a long day at sea I could not go home as the sky and clouds were changing all the time. I eventually walked through the door at 10.30pm but it was well worth it.

If you like photography then this is the best trip. We go every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7 to 9pm so why not join me..

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Bottlenose Dolphins Pictures and Video.

Once again we have been honoured with these beautiful mammals around the Farne Islands and yesterday they returned and put on a great show.

Toby my brother called me to say they had them at the Inner Farne so I asked the guests if they would mind if we missed out the Longstone Lighthouse and go and see the Dolphins. All I got was a hell yeah.

We turned and went straight to the Inner Farne were we caught up with them.

We followed them for ages and before we knew it we were just of Holy Island.

We only had a handful of guests onboard the boat and we all had a wonderful time watching them leap out of the water and swim under the boat.
We were getting a bit to far from home so we waved goodbye and returned back to Seahouses as they swam north.

I have also added a video and I hope you enjoy it. Sorry about the music.


Monday, 9 June 2014

Red-breasted Goose

Yesterday I was on a trip to land on the Inner Farne and we were just on our way to Staple Island when one of my friends from Hartlepool said that he had just seen a Red-breasted goose just fly by.

At first we thought we were kidding ourselves but when we arrived at Staple Island one of the wardens said that they had seen it to.

We kept on going with the trip and as we were heading towards to Longstone Lighthouse their is was again. This time everyone got a good view of it and we all tried to get a picture but boy they can fly fast.

After the Longstone we headed for the Inner Farne and again it went past. We turned the boat around and steamed towards it but then I stopped the boat as it turned around and was heading straight for us.

It felt like it was doing a fly by showing off to everyone.

Now I know its an escape but it was really nice surprise to see it at the Farne Islands and for me it was lovely to see as it was my first. I was very happy and a few others were too so I suppose that's all that matters.

We also got the Black Guillemot again on the first trip and it was in a totally different area than its been and it kinda caught us of guard.

Never mind here are some pictures but I'm sorry they are not very good at all.

If anyone who was with me on the trip see this blog and have some better pictures please put them on our Facebook Page and I will share them. Thank you.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Geese and Guillies

I was on the first trip of the day and I was in the middle of my speech when Andy, my crewman stopped me to say that he has just seen a Guillemot Chick on the cliff face but its really big.
The microphone was dropped and the bins were grabbed to see what he was on about.

I could not believe it as it was bigger than I thought. We just saw our first chick the other day and it must have been just born but this size was a bit of a shock.

I thought we were about 1 week early this year, and this might be a one off but things seem to be quicker than I thought.

I gave one the lads a ring to say what we had seen and he was even shocked so I quickly took a picture to show you all.

While I was on the phone he told me to keep an eye out for a Black Guillemot.

We did and found it in the middle of Piper Gut, a place known for its strong tide but luckily for us it moved into the calmer waters so I could get a picture.

I think it was first summer as the white patches on its wings were not as white as they should have been, but hopefully you guys out there will let me know.

The light was dreadful as the clouds were black and the heavens were just about to open (which they did later)

The day before was better weather and I was surprised to see 13 Canada Geese on the water beside a rock called Nameless and then later again outside the harbour. This is why the Farnes is a special place as everyday it shows you something new.

Kittiwake Fight

The Kittiwakes are beautiful birds but when they get into a fight boy watch out.
I saw a pair fighting the other day and I'm sure one of them was not going to stop until the other was dead.

Even a Herring Gull tried to get in on the act but a Great Black Backed Gull went for the Herring Gull and in the mean time the very very tired Kittiwake got away. Thank god.

I think the pictures will show you what I mean.

I could not watch anymore so this is when I stopped taking pictures.