Wednesday, 20 July 2016


It will not be long now until the end of the breeding season but for now we are enjoying the chicks grow and leave the islands until they return.

I love watching the Kittiwake chicks grow to big for their nests and sometimes its just to much for the parents and the chicks to be on the same nest but they manage to do it.

When you are passing the same place day in and day out you notice some really silly things, but this year it seems to be the seabirds which is a crying shame. I'm not sure just yet as the wardens have not told me the final numbers, but I'm convinced the Kittiwakes are down. I look at what I call "my little areas" and I can see that they have either failed or they have just never bothered at all. I do hope I'm wrong and I would love to think I was wrong but I just have a feeling.

Hopefully it just goes in circles and next year will be a bumper year, but its still nice watching the young grow up and then take their first flight.

I have taken some pictures to show you how they are growing up really quickly. 

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Bottlenose Dolphins Videos

I have put together a couple of Bottlenose Dolphins clips that myself and Andy was fortunate enough to capture a few weeks ago.

The dolphins were just outside the harbour and slowly moving south towards Beadnell, so we had an hour before we had to pick our first guests. The second to left the harbour we were greeted by them and they were in a playful mood. At first they wanted to bow ride but then some fish arrived on the scene and they were off for a feed. When they came back we never moved the boat, as we wanted to see if they would hang around and play with the boat or were they more interested in the boat if it was moving. We never really learned anything as they enjoyed both but when the fish turned up on the scene they went of feeding once again.

To be honest myself and Andy just enjoyed them around the boat and we had them all to ourselves which was a bonus. I used a GoPro and my mobile to film them but I found the gopro picked up some unbelievable sounds and was far better quality which you will hear in the videos.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the short clips and thanks once again for reading my blog.

  Part One

Part Two


Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Luecistic Guillemot

On Wednesday the 15th June, Andy (my crewman) spotted a Luecistic Guillemot on the cliff at Brownsman Island. Andy got himself all excited that he could not get his words out but he was pointing to the area where the bird was and that's I saw it.
I my word, what a beauty.
I have never seen a luecistic guillemot in my life so I was well chuffed, and I don't know if this is a first for the farnes but I suppose someone will be able to tell me.

There is no point in talking about it but here it is........

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Time to Jump

Well it's that time of the year again as the Guillemot chicks are starting to jump.
On Tuesday evening, during our sunset cruise we watched the chicks take that leap of faith of the cliff faces and into the water.

I know I have said this before but for those who don't know or those who are new to this blog then this is what happens to the guillemot chicks.

Firstly they are called "Jumplings" and this is simply because they jump of the cliffs around the farne islands. Some from a great height and some as a little wiser than others.

When the jumplings are about two weeks old they are ready to leave the farne islands and head out into the big bad world called the "north sea". They are encouraged by their mother to jump of the cliffs into the water were their father will be waiting from them. He will escort them out to sea where he will teach them how to feed and fend for themselves until they are about five years of age and then they will return to the farnes and look for a partner of their own.
After a year in the north sea growing big and strong, the jumpling starts life on his/her own as their father leaves them and returns to the farnes to prepare for the breeding season once again.

Its a tough old world being a seabird and you have to take your hat of to them for doing it.

You will be probably wondering how the jumpling does not hurt itself it they hit the rocks on their way down. Well they are light enough to bounce and their bones are not properly formed so it does not hurt them. Clever eh.....

Anyway here is a few pictures of those cute jumplings.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Bottlenose Dolphins

I have never blogged about the dolphins so far this year as we have seen them loads and I thought that everyone might get a bit bored of hearing about them.
While on the boat the other day someone asked me if we had seen the dolphins this year. When I replied yes, they said well why have you not blogged about them. When I explained why I was told not to be silly and get some pictures put up.

Since I have put in my place I have decided to obey this person in question and show you all some pictures of these wonderful creatures.

 On a much sadder note we spotted a Bottlenose Dolphin in a bad way on Saturday 4th. I got a call from my friend saying that he had spotted something but he was not sure what. He told me to keep my eyes peeled and let him know if I found anything. Sure enough we saw a lone Bottlenose Dolphin struggling for air and could hardly dive. We slowly put the boat beside her/him to see if there was any net or something that was that was obvious that we could help. Unfortunately there was nothing but lots of scratches which might suggest that she/he had been in a fight, which is not uncommon.
We decided to leave her/him alone as we did not want our guests to see it in a state. It was so hard to leave but what could I do? If she/he had net or rope around there tail then I would have sorted it but sometimes you just have to stay away and let nature sort itself out.

This is when I wished they could give you a sign to let you know what the matter is but this is not the case. I felt very sad leaving and helpless I could not do a thing to save her/him.   


Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Serenity 3

We are pleased to announce that we have eventually got another catamaran and she's called Serenity III. She is a smaller version of Serenity II but good things come in small bundles.

She has been in the boat yard for sometime now, but she is eventually home in Seahouses harbour were she belongs and ready to take our guests out and enjoy the wonders of the farne islands. 

My brother has done a vast amount of work on this boat and deserves a massive pat on the back for it. The paper work alone has been mind blowing but he did it and when you look at the boat its a job very well done.

This was an old boat we bought so it was a little bit harder getting her back into working order. We had to save as much as we could of the old boat but the wheelhouse was irreparable and the MCA agreed that we could put a new one on her. We did do a few new things but they just made sense and it would have been silly not too.

Since we got Serenity II and we found out just how good catamarans are it just made sense to get another one and we are really pleased with her so far.

So if you don't have sea legs then our catamarans are the boats for you, and if the like a boat with 360 degree views and the perfect platform for viewing the farne islands then look no further than Serenity II and Serenity III.

I recognize some faces on board her too and I hope they are enjoying our new boat. Remember "Sir"


Sunday, 29 May 2016

It must be love....

Sometimes you see things around the islands and you have to take a second look. I noticed a pair of shags enjoying each others company on the edge of the cliff face and it caught my attention.... Ahhh and before you say pervert or a pair of shags, shagging it was nothing like that at all. It was more than that.... it was LOVE...

Their necks were interlocked with only eyes of each other. (until I turned up) They ruffled each other feathers and then gently rubbed bills together. It was beautiful to see and something I will never forget.

The guys on the islands might see this all the time but when you are on a boat and not staying around for long, then you tend to miss all this kind of stuff, so for me its was special to witness.

Number 10 is my favorite but which is your favorite and why?