Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Basking Shark

What a day and what a sight......

I was in the harbour this morning waiting to pick up my guests when I got a phone call from a friend saying that he had seen something in the water like a whale or a shark but he was not sure what it was.

Quick as a flash I had the throttle up and I was on my way out to the area he was. We were about 2 miles from Seahouses when we spotted Gannets diving then all of a sudden a dorsal fin appeared at the surface.

As we got closer it disappeared but then all of a sudden it was back at the surface right beside the boat.

Oh my god it was a Basking Shark and a big one too. It must have been about 30 foot.

At first I was shocked just how big it was but then you just have to stare at this amazing beast.

It was gliding gracefully through the water eating plankton along the way and you could tell it was a big shark as it's dorsal fin flopped over at it breached the surface.

We followed it for about half an hour and then I realized that I had guests waiting on the pier to be picked up so I headed back to the harbour.

It just goes to show how carried away you can get when you see something amazing like this and so close up too.

I do this job everyday and it still blows me away with what we see.

First seal pup of the year

On my sail around this morning we stopped at the Longstone to see the seals, when I noticed the first seal pup of the year lying on the rocks.

Firstly I was gob smacked it was so quick and secondly where it was, as I've never seen a seal pup on that area before.

It was near the end of the Longstone and it was just above the tide line. It seemed to be enjoying the September sun but its mother was not in sight.

On my second trip out the tide was coming in fast and it had covered the area where it was but as I looked a bit more I noticed it was a bit further up but this time it did not look so happy as the seas were a bit close to it and it was soaking wet.

I do hope we don't get any bad sea's to knock it off and I do hope its mother is not to far away.

My fingers are crossed and I will see what tomorrow brings.

Here are some pictures and come on fella you can make it.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Just an update

Its been very quite around the Farnes lately but one or two good birds have been dropping in but unfortunaly I have never been able to see them.

We have been getting a good few Guillemots and Puffins hanging around Inner Sound and Staple Sound which is really nice for myself as well as our guests as they think they have missed them for the year, and we have seen a good few Harbour Porpoise too.

I have also been seeing the usual suspects coming in again and the numbers are starting to build up too, with the Purple Sandpipers and Golden Plovers being the main ones.

At this time of the year we get to see the Fulmars come into their own as they glide past the boat and often using the boat to show off the flying skills. They are beautiful birds and to see them in a best light has to be our Sunset Cruise.  

We also have seen a good few Manx Shearwaters go north, but not a many as last year.

The Gannets again have been lovely to see.

We also noticed the same seal for two days using the cardinal bouy as its place to rest. I'm surprised they don't use it more often to be honest.  

I also noticed four Roseate Terns on the Knivestone and the Longstone at the weekend, with a Turnstone keeping a good eye out for it. It was also nice to see an Eider Duck back into its beautiful plumage after moulting.

 Hopefully over the next few days with the slight easterly wind coming in I might get to see some good birds too. I have heard Mr Steel, the head warden of the Farnes getting some good birds drop in to say hello so fingers crossed for myself.

Anyway here is a couple of pictures of The Pele Tower, The Inner Farne's cliff face and Bamburgh Castle as we wrap up our last two Sunset Cruises for the year.