Sunday, 10 April 2011

Things are starting to settle.

Well its been a lovely day at The Farnes today, even though the S.E. Wind picked up towards the end.

The Puffins are coming back in the thousands and yesterday we saw 2 pairs at the Wideopens and a pair at Gun Rock mating in the water. One pair were at it so much that they did not care one bit that everyone was watching them. So it will not be long before they start to lay eggs.

The Guillemots were found on eggs yesterday but when i think about it they have been coming and going for 6 or so weeks now. They don't seen to be settled on The Inner Farne yet as every time we go past with the boat they all fly off, but when we get to Staple Island they never fly away. This will be the reason why the eggs are on Staple Island.

At the west cliff face on Brownsman Island we saw a Bridled Guillemot with a yellow bill. We think this must be in the jeans. I spoke to one of the wardens and they seem to think the same. It was weird to see but the worst thing was that my camera went dead and forgot that i had a camera on  my phone. Never mind i will have to have a look out for it tomorrow.

There was a Sparrow Hawk on the Brownsman Island today which was nice to see.

At The Inner Farne this morning there was a Shag showing off the size of stick he had to build his nest with.

I also got some nice pictures of the Eider Ducks (Cuddie Ducks) in the harbour.

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