Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Poor Female Eider Duck

We were anchored at the Inner Farne the other day enjoying at hot cuppa and a lovely sandwich when myself and Andy (my crewman) noticed a few male Eider Ducks chasing a female. This is not unusual at this time of the year as most seabirds have already mated and are either on eggs or they are just about to lay eggs, but this poor female was not just being harassed she was nearly being gang raped. At first you just think typical man, horny as hell but after a while we felt really sorry for her. At first there was a few males and in the end there was 22 males all fighting over her. She just could not get away and she was not going to give in either. She swam away form them, she dived down to get away from them and she even got out of the water at one stage to get away. She must have been totally shattered as they would not give up at all. I know it's nature but sometimes nature can be so cruel it just not fair and if this was a human behaviour we would be sent to prison for a long time. I have to take my hat off to her as she was not going to give up easy and after an hour she was still fighting them off. We had to go and pick our guests up and as we left the Inner Farne they were still trying. I do hope that she did not quit and she told them all to bugger off but I know in my heart of hearts that would not have happened but boy she is a strong female and good for her. The pictures will tell you all


North East Family fun said...

Poor duck - she is definitely being hounded!

Linda said...

Bless her heart. Great photos.