Saturday, 30 June 2018

Jumpling Time

Its that time again when the Guillemot chicks start taking that leap of faith of the edge of the cliff faces around the Farne Islands. They are known as “Jumping’s”, as they jump of the cliffs and its one the most amusing things to witness. While I think it’s funny and great to see, I bet it’s so scary for the little tiny seabirds to do. No wonder the mother tries to encourage the chick to jump off. Well that’s what we are leading to believe but I bet the mother gets sick of waiting and give the little one a slight nudge over the edge.

I can picture it now…. The father is waiting in the water patiently (as fathers do) giving the call to the little jumpling as if to say, don’t worry son/daughter I’m waiting for you it will be okay. While mother tries her best to persuade the chick to jump off. After an hour or so both parent’s patience is starting to ware thin and you can imagine them giving each other a wee wink and then suddenly, the mother thinks “stuff it” and her wing comes out and accidently touches the chick and it falls off the cliff face while the father sings to himself that famous song by R. Kelly “I believe I can fly”. Suddenly, the chick hits the water and thinks, boy that was lucky. While the father looks up to the mother, gives her a little wink and says, see you next year babes, same time, same place and off the father and jumpling go into the north sea.

If that was true it would be great….

Here is a few pictures of the little chicks and it will not ne long now until they leave in their thousands and it will be another year before we see it all over again. Don’t worry it will be a while yet.

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