Thursday, 21 May 2015

Mixed Week

It's been a very mixed week around the Farnes, with strong winds from the west, rough seas, calm seas, warm then freezing, it just can't make it's mind up at all and after the start to the season with the calm seas and sunshine its taking some getting use too. Staple Island is open now but once again there has hardly been any landings due to the weather. They did manage to get out a few times last week but that's it. I wished the jetty was a bit better and the island was more accessible and then it would be less of a worry for us to land there and it would let the people visiting enjoy another island instead of the Inner Farne all the time. I'm not knocking the Inner Farne as it's the best island but sometimes it's frustrating that you can't get landed on Staple and it must be worse for the guests trying to get landed too. Saying that the weather does not help and we could just do with a good spell now as we are due it. On the bird front everything is going to plan with all the seabirds now on eggs. We even spotted the Kittiwakes on eggs yesterday but lots are still building their nests and no where near ready to lay. It might just be one of those years for the Kittiwakes where they build their nests and nothing happens but I have said that before and its come back and bit me in the bum. Fingers crossed I'm wrong and they are just late at starting. The Rangers are really get stuck into the work this year and there seems to be a good camaraderie amongst them all, which is really nice to see. It's all new for some of them but they seem to be taking it in their stride and you feel really comfortable around them. To be honest it was always going to be hard after losing Steely but they have taken the bull by it's horns and they are enjoying the ride and long may it last too. Our beautiful Arctic Terns have now laid eggs in the court yard at the Inner Farne so if you are thinking of coming to the Farnes in the next few days don't forget your hats as they will be diving bombing and pecking you on the head. You have to love them but remember this their home and not are guests on their island. Enjoy them as they are wonderful seabirds and have a hard life. Until the next time I blog about my life around the Farnes enjoy your day and if you can't make it this year keep ready and I will updated you as much as possible. If your are coming to the Farnes this year then enjoy it as it's a wonderful place and it will be embedded in your minds for many years to come.

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Ian Robinson said...

Great read Andrew. Will be be there from 30tg May, can't wait