Wednesday, 15 April 2015

First Artic Tern of the year 2015

The first Artic Tern has now arrived at the Farnes, so it will not be long before they are all back and then the fun begins.

The Artic Tern is one hell of a seabird and it will not be long before they start dive bombing and pecking all you lovely visitor's on the head.

This will be not be for a while just yet but over the years I have seen some funny sights and some not so funny, and you have to remember that we are invading their home and not the other way around like some people think.

I've seen grown men in tears because they have been pecked on their heads so hard that the terns have drawn blood, but this can all be avoided if you remember to either wear a hat or just gently wave your hand above your head.

I would also like to point out that when I say wear a hat I don't mean a hard hat, motorbike helmet or a bicycle helmet because when they do dive bomb you,and they hit their bills on your hard hats it will break their bills and if this happens they will not survive.

Other than that there is only a small area as you arrive on the Inner Farne where this happens and once you are past this area you are fine.

Please Please don't let this put you off these wonderful seabirds and they just amazing to see. We call them the Artic Angels and when you see them you will understand why.

Take a look at this You Tube video below and you will understand a little bit more about them and see what they have to go through every year and this is why they are one hell of a seabird.



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