Thursday, 10 March 2011

Puffin Watch

Since Saturday we have had a mixture of weather, wind and sightings.

On Saturday my brother and i headed out for a trip around the islands, and we encountered our first Puffin of the year resting on the water beside The Wideopens. As we all know they are lots of Puffins around the islands during the season but it is still nice to see the first one. 

Just around the corner we stummbled upon Widgeon's, Golden-eye's, Kittiwakes, Razorbills and Long-tailed Ducks. We also noticed quite a few Gannets flying through Staple Sound hunting for food. They are just a great bird to see.

As we were steaming around the islands chatting to all of the customers we noticed the time. We were to busy enjoying the weather and the wildlife that we did not realize how time had flown by.
Now this is not a bad thing but as we were supposed to be at a wedding at 1.30pm and it was now 12.30pm we decided to head home. We could be a little late but as i was best man and my brother was usher this was not a good idea.
After alot of rushing around trying not to forget the wedding rings we both made it on time.
The day went great and my speech went down a treat so it was a good ending.

Over the next few days with the sun shinning but there was not a fantastic amount to see. The West Wind got stronger and stronger, and its pushed alot of the Razorbills, Gulliemots, and the single Puffin back out to sea.

Lots of the Shags have now built their nests, a good few Kittiwakes are now nesting on the rock sledges and the Seals are loseing their coats and are now fending for themselves.
I suppose their will be alot of comings and goings over the next month but it look as though spring is here.

     My loyal dog Bud enjoying the sun on the deck of the boat.

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