Monday, 30 March 2015

Red-Billed Tropicbird

I grabbed a quick weeks holiday before the season really gets going, and I took myself across to Cape Verde once again.

Over the last few years I have been lucky to meet some really nice people and got to know some good little places to go to bird and a few boat trips thrown in for good measure. Sorry I need my sea fix wherever I go.

This holiday highlight was the Red-Billed Tropicbird, now I'm not saying that's all I saw, but it was a lifer for me and I could not stop smiling about it.

This beautiful white bird glided throw the sky using the wind to its advantage, with its long tail sparkling in the midday sun, and its red bill sticking out like a saw thumb, boy it was just jaw dropping. As I watched the bird do fly byes past me I noticed not just one bird but 12. As you might think I was a happy lad and you would be to if you had not seen on before. Even if you are not a birder, you can't help yourself but admire these birds.

We also noticed where they were nesting on the cliff face of this small mountain which was good to see and they seemed to be very happy there too. It was sheltered from the wind and it was close to the sea where it is perfect feed for them, and I am told by the local fisherman that they love flying fish and there is an abundant of them in the water's around their nesting site. Perfect bird, at a perfect site, on a perfect day. What more could I ask for.....

Well as it happens we also saw an Osprey catch a fish and take it back to it's nest, two Greater Hoope-Larks playing beside the car and as we looked towards to sea we saw 10 Common Dolphins and 10 Pilot Whales feeding.

What a day.....

If you are going to Cape Verde or thinking about it then have a look here for accommodation. and if you are wanting a good lad to take you out to the local hot spots, where you can see the Tropicbirds then have a look here. its under construction at the moment but you can find him on facebook or twitter.

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