Friday, 27 March 2015

Here we go

Well, the new season is upon us and we are all ready to rock and roll.

We have had the MCA on board the boats doing our out of water inspections. This is where they check the hulls to see that they are free of damage, check the outlet valves to make sure they are in good working order and other bits and bobs and if everything is good then we wait for them to return for the in water inspection.
After the out of water inspection is done we arrange for them to return and check the boat when its back in the water. During this stage they check to see that she not leaking anywhere and go through all the safety checks. We have to go through every valve to make sure they are ok. Check the engines to see that they are working fine and so on and so on. Sometimes this can go on for hours and hours but that all depends on your boat and if they are training someone too.

Sometimes I think to myself, why would they want to look at the hull or check our engines, because if there was a hole in the hull or the engines were not working properly I would not even go to sea myself never mind take passengers out, but I suppose they have to do their jobs and make sure everything thing is ok for our safety and most of all our passengers, and when they are happy and you have done all the jobs they have asked you to do, then we are ready to go for the season.

There were a couple of things we need to do but only new changes to their rules which is totally fine.

So that's it.... After all the jobs are done we are good to go and boy I'm ready for it. It has been a very long and hard winter this year and I'm pleased to put the paint brush down and get back out on the water to where I love and belong.

Sorry but the pictures are off my mobile and they are not the best quality.

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