Friday, 21 June 2013

We've had it all.

Over the last few weeks things have been busy around the Farnes. We have had T.V Crews filming, Star stuck Rangers, Chicks appearing for the first time, Cliff Counts, Beautiful weather and Calm Sea's. What more could you ask for in the day to day events around the Farne Islands.

Where do I start......Well I will tell you. It has to start with the Rangers. They do love their jobs but it is hard work. Early mornings doing bird counts then helping myself and other boats coming and going, then back to more counts and much more.

This is some of the Rangers on their Zodic doing cliff counts for Razorbills and so far things look ok for them.

The Inner Farne had a TV celebrity in Elle Harrison doing her thing and talking to some of the Rangers.

Ranger Ciaran doing some interviews about the birds on the Islands. 

We have noticed Puffins still mating on the water.

But we have seen new lives looking out for the first time.

 Eider Ducks chicks are back in the harbour

 We have had great Sunset Cruises and great skies.

Beautiful light for taking pictures.

 We have seen some old knackered birds and some young ones. 

To top it all off we got our Yellow Billed Bridled Guillemot again today. 

To be honest we have been very lucky over the last 22 days as we have had some cracking weather and we have been lucky with the rain to as it's either missed us or we have had it through the night. What more can you want....Until next time


John Hall said...


Thanks for a super day out yesterday, got some absolutely great pics. Your commentary and the pointing out of individual birds to us was outstanding

John Hall

Steve Hall said...

Hi Andrew,
I have to say that you and your team have made this week one of the best weeks I could ever have imagined for just enjoying the Farnes in all their splendour (apart from the photo opportunities).
Starting the week with Toby on Serenity and then with you on Serenity II I have found your trips professional and efficient and yet you and your team maintain a warm and friendly approach.
I particularly enjoy the way you positively ooze enthusiasm and knowledge of the wildlife. I know everyone on the trips has appreciated how you have gone out of your way to alert us when anything of note is happening that we may have otherwise missed.

Thanks again

Steve Hall - no relation to the preceding commentator :-)

The Farne Islands said...

Hi John,

Thank you and it was really nice to meet you. I hope you got some good pictures and I look forward to seeing them. Cheers Andrew

The Farne Islands said...

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your kind comments and I will let all the guys know to. Hopefully the weather holds and we get something special for you.

Cheers Andrew