Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Day After

After posting my blog I went to bed last night and got up again at 3am, a quick cuppa and then off to the harbour.

The waves were crashing over the pier but not as much as it was at tea time. I sat in the van getting out every now and then just to check the chocks with my cousin (Lee), Peter and myself stayed until 6am and then we went home.

After dropping my little one of at school I came down the harbour to move the booking office. I was really surprised to see the sea had calmed down as much as it did. Yes the swell was still there and it would probably get big again as the tide came in, but for now it was okay.

We moved the booking office back into the same place as before and Peter went inside to see how much damage was done inside. He was gobsmacked to see that the power was still on, so I told him to get the kettle on. Sorry but I needed my caffeine fix.

After that we checked the boats again and then we noticed one of the boats were full of water, which was hardly surprising with the amount of water coming over her but we got her pumped out and she was okay.

A look around the harbour I noticed that the railings were squashed flat to the ground around the freezer area and a concrete wall was down in the same place. Along the pier signs were missing, lumps of concrete from the harbour wall were scattered along the pier and other bits and pieces around the harbour.

The most noticeable thing was the dunes along the beach towards Bamburgh. There must be a 5 foot drop where the seas have just sliced them away, but sometimes I get a little bit bewildered with people as they have seen the news and all the waves coming over the harbour pier but still insist on walking along the pier. Tonight a couple were walking along the pier when a wave came over and knocked them off their feet. The lady got washed into the harbour and the man clung onto the edge. If it was not for a couple that are staying at my house they could have been gone and know one would have noticed. Lucky she grabbed the pier ladders and climbed back up and both were shook up but okay.

It made me think as I got a few tweets yesterday saying that they were watching me and a few others on the pier when the waves were crashing over and they were getting a little worried, and who can blame them as it must have looked terrifying, but we were very careful as one false move and the boat could have fallen on us and we didn't want that, so that's why we were the only people on the pier. We weren't really bothered about the booking offices are they can be fixed but our boats are our livelihood's and we had to protect them but going for a stroll along the pier to me is just madness.

Never mind they were okay so that's the main thing and to be honest the seas were spectacular and good to see but they were very lucky and we were very lucky compared to the other areas around the east coast, so I don't really have the right to complain.

I will sign out with a thought to all those people who have lost their lives, homes, flooded or badly hurt. Take care everyone.

Another picture of yesterday's weather and a short video

A short video

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Anonymous said...

Love the drama and beauty you manage to convey. Glad all safe and well.