Sunday, 9 June 2013


Since it's the year of the Puffin at the Farne Islands I have decided to show you some of my pictures I have got over the last week or so. I also noticed today that their were less Puffins on the water and more on the Islands and I did see a few Puffins with sand eels in their bills. I just hope this weather keeps up and we have a great breeding season and the weather has not done as much damage as we first thought. 

The first 3 pictures are the first time I have manged to get good flight shots.

A Puffin with a bit of green in the background and funny enough this is the rocks green and not grass.

A bit of Black on Black 

Is that Serenity 2 Eye see there. 

You have to get the fish, they will not jump out of the water into your mouth.

 Which side looks the best. Oh they are both the same. 

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sue gibson said...

brilliant photos andrew waiting till it gets a bit warmer then we ll join you on the sunset cruise