Friday, 10 May 2013

Egg Time

With lots of bird activity going on around the Islands at the moment and I noticed lots of Guillemots are sitting eggs now. We also have lots of other birds on eggs to, but we still are waiting for the Artic Terns and Kittiwakes but I don't think it will be long for them either.

We watched the Kittiwakes collecting muddy grass and frantically stamping it down in a hurry to build their nests. Some of the lucky Kittiwakes that have their nests high up the cliff faces, don't have to do a thing as their nests are still perfect from last year.

I also noticed the Yellow Billed Guillemot was back. I would love to know how old this bird was as I have seen it in the same place now for over 4 years. Speaking of Guillemots, we saw the Orange Ringed Guillemot from last year again and I found out how old it was thanks to the BTO.

  Guillemots one eggs

 Kittiwake building their nests

Pairing Razorbills

Lone Guillemot looking for love

              Yellow billed Guillemot      

The Guillemot we found again the other day and it was ringed on the Isle of May, Fife as age nesting on the 21st June 2009 but sex was unknown. It's really pleasing to see the bird again after all the bad weather we have had lately. Fingers crossed we see this bird for many years to come.

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