Friday, 25 May 2012

Little Tern

Arriving at the Inner Farne the other day, one of the Rangers told me that there were some Roseate Terns on Lady's Path (The rocks on The Inner Farne) but when I looked there was nothing there. Just as I said Oh well next time maybe, 2 Little Terns landed on the beach. With all the passengers on the boat ready to go home, I quickly told them that they would have to wait a few minutes until I got a picture.

One old lady said to me, "Go on then son, but don't be long as I need a cup of tea". With a smile on my face from the lady's comment, I dashed into the jetty and snapped away. When I got back on the boat the old lady said to me. "Well son did you get your picture" I replyed yes thanks. She said, "Good, now lets go home".

We let the ropes go and headed back to Seahouses.

Oh by the way I made the old lady's day by making her a cup of tea for her journey home, but for me the Little Terns made my day by far.


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