Sunday, 28 August 2011


My friends engine was making a funny noise the other day, so he decided to come back to the harbour and get the mechanic down to check it over. The news was not good, the engine was going to have to go to the scrapyard. OUCH, that's going to costs him £25,000. To make it worse it's in the middle of the Lobster season. He gave me a shout to give him a tow down to Amble so they could do some work and it would be easier to fit the engine.
We arranged to go at 6am and that would give me time to get him down to Amble and be able to get back for my first sailing.
We could not have picked a better day for it as it was blue skies and calm seas.
We were about 1 mile away when I saw 2 Arctic Skua's flying north and a single Harbour Porpoise going around in circles feeding.
After we arrived at the harbour and his boat was tied up I waved farewell and steamed home.

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