Monday, 29 August 2011


As a charter skipper I want calm seas, sunny and lots of birds but if I got that all the time I would be god. In the real world I have to put up with the British weather. Now its not very often I say this but we could do with a little South East, East or North East wind to bring some birds to The Farne Islands.
Yes I know, if I get winds from this direction I will not get a chance to get out to sea but I'm not asking for gales just slight winds would be nice.

Well god must of heard as my prayers, for over the last couple of days we have had slight winds from the South East and it has pushed a few birds our way.

The Longstone Island has been full of birds over the last few weeks. It's had Golden Plovers, Grey Plovers, Knots, Turnstones, Purple Sandpipers, Curlews,  Heron's, Swallows, Pied Wagtails, Rock Pipits, Wheater,  Little Egret and not for getting those inquisitive seals.

We were really surprised to see the Little Egret on the Longstone Island and it was resting beside the all of gulls. It was only the 3rd Little Egret to be on the Islands since 2003 but sadly it flew past the Inner Farne about 3pm heading west to mainland. Oh well at least I got to see it and so did some of my customers.

I had my little girl Charlie with me all day today and she wanted to go on the Inner Farne. My crewman took her for a look around and I knew she would not last for long. Sure enough she was only on there for 15mins and wanted to come back. I was not in a hurry to get them as there was a Wryneck on the West Wideopen and the Wardens had gone across to see it. I was stuck between picking up Charlie and missing the bird or leaving her their a little longer and hopefully get to see the bird.
The look on her face made me feel guilty so I had to go and get her. When she got on the boat the first thing she said was "Daddy I need the toilet" Bless her, she did not want to come of the island but she needed the toilet so much she had to.

After toilet duty I steamed around to the other side of the West Wideopen to see the bird as the Wardens said it was showing really well.
Unfortunately I never got to see it but at least I tried.

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