Saturday, 21 May 2011

Lucky Lad

As I left the house early on Wednesday morning to move the boat out of the harbour because of the low tide I decided to go to The Kettle at The Inner Farne to anchor up. After cleaning the boat I got the opportunity to have a look around the Inner Farne. I grabbed my camera and jumped aboard the zodiac and headed over to the island. 
As I sat taking pictures around the cliff face I got a call to see if I wanted to help the wardens around the wide opens. I jumped at the chance and ran down to the jetty where I was meet the rest of the gang. 
When we landed at the West Wide-Open we stumbled upon a young grey seal. Jamie (A Warden) went to investigate and noticed that it was bleeding, but after a closer look it was only a scratch. 

Happily knowing that the seal was OK we headed up onto the top of the island.

I was amazed to see how pretty it was with all the Sea Campion. Yes, I see it from the boat all the time but close up it's just beautiful. 

As we walked around the island you have to be so careful not to stand any of the eggs as sometimes they are very well hidden, and most of all, you have to be very careful as the ground around the Puffins burrows can be very soft and you don't want to crush the burrows. We found an Eider Ducks nest but she had already left with her chicks. Jamie checked his record book and found out that she was sitting on 5 eggs. Fingers crossed they got away safe and sound.

After a call from the booking office I had to go. A quick call to David Steel to ask if he would pick me up I ran down to the waters edge to be greeted by David in a white costume. I thought it was a bit early for Halloween, but after chatting to him I found out that he had been spraying the grass to keep away all the weeds.

I like to thank David and all the gang for making it a morning to remember. Cheers Guys.

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