Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Puffin Update

Now i know we all need the rain to water our gardens, grow the crops and help our birds but at this time of the year i just do not want the rain at all.
Its those little Puffins that are worrying me at the moment, with the heavy showers we have had over the last few days our Puffins burrows are starting to fill up with water. It also does not help with the seals rubbing themselves during the winter molting season and removing all the vegetation from the bank sides exposing the Puffin burrows to all the elements.
When the vegetation is around the burrows it helps to adsorb the rain water and does not tend to go down the burrows as much. Yes i know you can't help it at times and it is mother nature but i just love the Puffins and just don't like to see them die.
The Inner Farne has been ok because the water seems to run off the island a lot better than it does on The Brownsman Island.
Its a lot more flat on top of the Brownsman and they also have a pond on there to which has been over flowing with water, but over the last day or so they have managed to let the water run away which has helped a lot.

I love my job and i love the islands but i do have to take my hat off to the Wardens as they do a great job at looking after the islands, the birds, the wildlife and of course myself. Without the Wardens the islands would just fall apart.

I have to give Wez a big shout as i don't get to see a lot of things going on around the islands but he keeps me updated, and i do try to let him and the rest of the Wardens know if i see things as well.

You can follow myself and Wez on twitter for updates during the day. Wez @wezsmith  Myself  @thefarnes

 A Puffins burrow which is flooded.

 A Puffins burrow flooded and the egg left abandoned

Ahhh Bless. This Puffin was still sitting on its egg with the water up to her neck.

On a lighter note it's early days so hopefully they'll re-lay and it'll be a happy ending.

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Birding about Northumberland said...

Poor puffins, I didn't realise they had such a hard time, keep us posted on the progress of these wonderful birds.