Thursday, 16 March 2017

Iceland 2017

I went to Iceland last year and the weather was so dreadful I hardly took a picture but this did not put me off as I could see what it had to offer and I was determined to go back.
Fast forward to this year and what a difference.
I went with a friend who really likes his photography too (much better than me) and we decided to leave it until the last minute in the hope that we would see the Northern Lights.

We waited until the signs looked good and then booked everything. All packed (well sort off) and ready to go, until we received an email saying that we could not pick out camper-van up until the next day as they were closed, plus the had just had the biggest down pour of snow since Iceland's history.

In 6 hours through the night they had 52cm of snow fall and Reykjavik came to a stand still. Our hearts dropped but the flights were still going and we decided to go and get a hotel until the next day and see if you could get the camper.

You have to give them their due as they pulled out all the stops and cleared the roads as best as they could and everything started to move once again.

When we arrived at the camper van place and everything was good to go, so off we headed into the snowy but beautiful landscape of Iceland.

I could go on and on about adventure but I would only bore you so I'm going to keep it a little bit short and let the pictures do the talking.

We hardly slept as the weather decided to change and become one of the best 4 days Iceland had produced for a long long time. Hardly a breath of wind, glorious sunshine everyday and crystal clear skies at night. We were in heaven....

We travelled along the south coast stopping at every waterfall, beach and lagoon but by far the best place was the Glacier Lagoon in Jokulsarlon. This place is totally amazing and the only thing that kinda spoilt it was how many people were there, but that's just me being greedy and wanting the place to myself.
I only wished we had stayed there longer and maybe gone a little bit further around but I can defiantly say I will be back and I will be heading straight to Jokulsarlon.

The only thing that really went wrong during the trip was that I had the wrong settings on my lense and nearly all of my pictures were rubbish. I did manage to save a few and lessons have been learned so it will never happen again. Yes I have given myself a few slaps. Never mind, I do hope you like the pictures and if you have ever thought about visiting Iceland then do it, you'll love it.


Stringer said...

They're amazing Andrew !! Stunning !!

Ian Robinson said...

Brilliant set of images Andrew. Great work!

Nige B said...

How lucky you are! Great photos