Saturday, 11 March 2017

Some TLC for Serenity II

Serenity II is having a long overdue upgrade. She has worked really hard for us and we can't complain about her one little bit, so its time she got a well deserved rest and some major tlc.

I should have blogged about this a while ago but we worked hard on her and then people have been grabbing holiday's in between so I forgot to let you know sorry. Anyway better late than never.

She has been washed down and polished until she's looking like new and that's all down the Andy and Tony.
My brother, Ron and myself I have taken out both of the engines and new ones are just about to go in. She has had lots of little things done to her which will never be seen again but we know they are done and that's all that matters.

She survived the tidal surge we had a while ago which was great news and it will not be long until we put her back together once again and then she will have the pleasure of showing everyone those beautiful farne islands.

We are hoping be up and running in a few weeks time so watch this space for all things happening around the Farnes and keep up with all the breaking news. 

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