Monday, 22 February 2016

Farnes Update

I eventually got out the other day and I was pleased to do so, as I have never been out for weeks and weeks and it was doing my head in, so a farnes fix was just what the doctor ordered.

Andy and myself got all the checks done, boat cleaned and then we moved across to the slipway to pick our guests up. Once out of the harbour we saw our first Razorbills but as we got closer to the islands we noticed lots of Guillemots rafting on the water.
I would say about 3000 in total around the islands which was a really nice sight to see. We also had a single Puffin, lots of Shags and Fulmars and of course hundreds of seals.

We noticed that the seals had made a mess of some of the islands, which is not a good start and with all the rain we have had this winter has not helped at all. Fingers crossed it just look bad and before you know it, the grass is growing again and what looks like a mess, turns into lush green full of noise and activity from all our seabirds returning.

The season is not far away and its getting to that time again when the mca are back doing their inspections on the boats and before you know it we are back at the islands everyday. Bring it on.


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