Friday, 6 December 2013

Seahouses Storm

On Monday we started to take the boats out of the water and put them onto the pier for some  maintance during the winter. We do this every year but this year and we chock them with blocks of wood and this helps support them upright.  We have done this for years.

We heard about the weather changing but because it was so far ahead we thought it would change, but as the days rolled on the were still giving the forecast.

All the jobs were done on the Catamaran but I was getting a little worried about the wind and how high the Catamaran was of the ground. A quick phone call and the cradle was put around the boat for more support.

All I can say was thank god I did it as it was blowing a gale and when the tide came in the seas were very big indeed.

Never mind I think the pictures will tell a better story.

This was the start of the week when we were lifting the boats out.

As you can see how high she is from the ground

We were glad we put the cradle around the boat.

At 1pm this afternoon.




Still holding still

but not for long as a big wave starts to move them

Getting totally battered now.


This is the beach were my kids play in the summer and all the people go to take pictures of the Eider Ducks. Yes the water was on the piers and so were the boats nearly.

In the end the booking offices can be fixed and the boats were ok. My cousin, Peter and myself kept a hammer in our hands as the waves were coming over the pier, hitting the boats and then knocking out the chocks from under the boats. Once the tide went out again it was time for home as we are going back down again at 3.30am at the next high tide.

Fingers crossed everything will be ok and the wind is supposed to drop tomorrow afternoon.

I will be updating on twitter if anyone wants to find out and then I will be blogging again tomorrow night.

For now its bedtime, so until tomorrow good night.


Laura said...

Amazing photos, hope the worst is over for you guys.

Anonymous said...

enjoy your blog[the sheepwash fox]

Anonymous said...

enjoyed your write up,will get to chat to you lads , when your not between islands [the ship] /