Sunday, 10 June 2012

Serenity Twitch

I received a phone call from the Rangers on the Farnes to say that they had a Rustic Bunting on the Inner Farne. At first I was all excited but then I thought that it was low tide and I would not be able to get out to see it. I jumped into the van and rushed down to the harbour. When I arrived I knew I only had 15 minutes to move the boat down to the other end of the harbour unless she would be on the bottom and my chance would be gone. I quickly let the ropes go, started the engines and moved out of her berth and slowly steamed to the end of the harbour where there was more water.

I met the Beadnell Birder (Gary) for the first time down the harbour and he was keen to go out and see it. He phoned a few people he knew to see if they wanted to come out. We said 6pm and 7pm just incase people could not get up enough time to see the bird.

We meet a few guys at 6pm and went out to the Inner Farne to see the bird.

Once we were moored up onto the jetty, the Rangers came across to take us to the spot were the bird was last seen. When we arrived it was showing really well and what a little cracker it was. It was male and in full summer plumage. What a beauty it was to.

I looked at Gary and he had a smile on his face from ear to ear. I have also got a young birder across from Cork in Ireland and his face was a treat to.

As we got back on the boat and headed back to the harbour I got a text from one of the Rangers saying that it had gone. I was praying that there was know one at the harbour waiting to go back out to see the bunting but there was. I hate the look on people's faces when you tell them that the bird has gone and after the views we had it makes it worse.

I said to the guys that if the bird came back I would let them know and we would try at 6pm the next day.

The next morning after the bird was sighted again Gary put it out for me to let everyone know that we would try again at 6pm and this would give the guys a chance to finish work and get to Seahouses.

Not long after it went live I got a call from a gentleman who was in Hull and wanted to come up to see the bird. Then another call, then another. My phone was fully charged when I felt the house and now it was flashing to be charged.

In the end we had 14 people at 6pm to go out to the Inner Farne and after and very quick call I let the Rangers know we were coming.

We reached the Inner Farne and as I turned the corner and headed to the jetty I noticed the Rangers making their way towards the boat. We moored the boat and then I heard the words.....Sorry Guys but the bird has just flown up into the air and headed west to the mainland. My heart just sunk and the faces on the gang was worse. The Rangers said since you have come all this way you can go and have a look around if you like.

They decided to go on and have a look anyway. They all went to the area where the bird was just incase and then bingo one of the birders spotted it.

The Serenity Twitch was back on and the sad faces went, and the beaming smiles came back. This was a  cracking rare bird and the first on the Islands since 1995 and a first in the County since the late 1990's.

After the bird went out of view, the gang slowly walked back to the boat and everyone was very happy.

What an end to the day after all the high's and low's they got their Rustic Bunting.

Rustic Bunting

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