Saturday, 13 May 2017

Big Diggers

We had some big diggers and trucks at the harbour a few weeks ago and they are really impressive to see.  They were here to clean the harbour as its been over 3 years now since it was last cleaned and it really needed it.
The seaweed was stopping some of the boats as they were going out of the harbour and the mud was filling up too. 
They seem to do everything so quick but at the same time with grace. I know they are really skilled at their jobs but it is fascinating watching someone else at work too.

They filled up the digger with all the mud and took it to the other side of the harbour where they emptied it out and when the tide comes back in the mud will be washed away.
They have done this process for many years now but they always choose the best time to do it as they don't want to disturb the breeding birds and they don't do it through the winter either as they don't want to disturb the wintering seabirds.
The harbour works closely with Natural England and they also require a license to do such an operation too.

I think years and years ago they just went ahead and did it but in today's world it makes sense to do things right and so they should too.

The guys worked two different tides a day, so it was early mornings and late nights and they managed to get a lot more mud out of the harbour than they thought they would. They also had time to dig some areas that has helped boats turn around or load a lot better, which is a big help for my job.

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