Friday, 3 July 2015

Lightning, rain and thunder, we had it all.

What a start to the month. In all my years at the sea this was the worst thunder and lightning storm I have ever seen.
While we were on our last trip on Wednesday we were just about to head across to the Longstone Island when the weather turned for the worst. The skies had turned black and then the heavens opened. We decided to turn back and then all of a sudden the lightning came down with an almighty bang.
Myself and Andy got as many people inside of the wheelhouse and a few under the over hang behind but a few were left outside unfortunately. Andy quickly gave the one's outside some umbrella's in hope that it would help but we were totally caught out by the way it came down. It was coming down so hard that they made no difference at all but, bless Andy he was not going to give up and he held the umbrella to try and stop them from getting wet. It was coming at all angles and the lightning was catching us up very quickly.
We decided to head for the beach but as we got closer and closer to the beach, the lightning was getting closer and closer to us. When your in the middle of the sea without any protection from the elements its definitely squeaky bum time. We made it to the beach and then along the shoreline towards to harbour. Home and without being hit thank god.
The guests got off the boat and I took one look at Andy he looked like a drowned rat and boy did he take one for the team, but to add insult to all the rain he then told me that the lady had also been sick on him too. What a guy and this is what a crewman is all about. A work mate, a grafter and a friend, but best of all he took it in his stride.

After we got home the rain eased and the skies cleared but at 12.15pm it started all over again. The sheet lightning light up the sky and then all of a sudden a massive bang. I heard dogs in the street barking like mad, and then the fork lightning started.

Should I go out or should I stay indoors. Ah stuff it, this might never happen again, so I jumped into the van and drove down the harbour.

The first thing I did was to open the booking office and put the kettle on as it was going to be a long night. The camera was set up and I was ready to go. A few clicks later I was happy with the results and then I started to click away.

A few pictures later a local man arrived. The kettle was back on and  after a hot cuppa and bit of crack we started to take some more pictures. It was 2.30am and I had to be up quick to move the boat in a few hours, so we said our goodbye's and off to bed.

It was not until 10pm that night that I got a chance to have a look at my pictures and I was happy with my first attempt at trying to catch the lightning affect. It was a bit far away but overall I was happy and I even managed to get a moonbow with a bit of lighting in it too. Lucky sod.

Here are the results from the storm.


anniecase said...

WOW Andy, these images are fantastic you must be thrilled with them. Well done!! x

Stringer said...

Good old Andy, he's a star !!

Cracking pics too mate, very well done.

Unknown said...

Fantastic pictures Andrew! And yes, you are aright on the money with regard to Andy - a true gentleman and an absolute first class asset to an operation like yours.

The Farne Islands said...

Cheers guys for your kind comments and I will pass on your comments to Andy too.

Helen said...

Andrew Your pictures are stunning, my folks love going out with you on Serenity whenever we are up there. Last time was 3rd week June and the heavens opened as you were coming back into harbour they were drenched but loved every minute, Roll on September- I am sure they will want to go back out there- she is desperate to see the dolphins up close and personal. We have seen them a couple of times from the harbour.
Love Love Love Seahouses!