Sunday, 21 December 2014

Black-necked Grebe

On Monday Andy, Tony and myself spotted a Grebe in the harbour but as we were painting the boats and we never had our bins with us to get a closer look, we never gave it a thought of the kind of grebe it was until I gave text Gary and he told us it was a Black-necked Grebe.

Chuffed to bits with what we had seen, I eventually got a few pictures of this little beauty, but they are not the best.

We also noticed that it tends to come into the harbour when the tide comes in. This might just be a coincidence so I will keep a check on the tides from now on and see if it is true to form.

It is a lovely bird and again a lifer for me.


1 comment:

Stringer said...

Cracking bird Andrew !

Been down this am, very low tide and no sign. Lets see if it returns again on the high tide later on today.