Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Black-necked Grebe x2

I have been painting the boats over the last few weeks and its been really good weather considering the time of the year and today was not the best but we managed to get a good bit done.

While I was standing on the deck of the boat I noticed the Black-necked Grebe still in the harbour and it seems to be definitely coming in with the tide and today was no different.

It helps that the boat is up high on the pier as you can see a lot more, so I decided to give Gary a text to say it was back again. Not that he has seen it much this week. www.beadnell-birding.blogspot.co.uk

5 minutes later here he was driving along the pier and with just a quick glance at each other I pointed to where it was. He gave me the nod and off he went.

He must have only been out of the car for 2 seconds when I received a text saying that there was 2 in the harbour now.

Excited, I put down the paint brush, slid down the ladder like it was a fireman's pole and rushed to the van for my camera.

After a few F's and C's I jumped into the van and drove home to pick up my camera, which I thought I had put in the van this morning. (Obviously Not) The way I was huffing and puffing to myself you would think that I lived miles away, but its only 2 minutes up the road so what was I moaning about.

Never mind I back at the harbour now with my camera ready and I managed to get both of them in the same shot which was really nice and later in the day one of them came really close. I also noticed that they were eating shrimps which makes me think this is why they come into the harbour when the tide comes in as the shrimps must come out of the mud then.

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robert washington said...

Excellent shots Andrew well worth the rush back home .