Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Out and About

I have been around the Islands over the last few days and it has been a total pleasure. Calm seas and beautiful sunshine topped of with thousands of seabirds.

Over the last few days the number of seabirds have increased greatly and it great to see. It feels a bit early for them to be here but they seem to be settled and if this weather keeps up I can't see them leaving. I just hope they know the weather better than I do and they will be okay.

As I was looking around today you could see the Shags building their nests and they looked beautiful in the sunlight. The Fulmars are all pairing off and I love watching them fly around the blue skies with little effort.

The Eider Ducks are in full summer plumage and are in the mood for some courtship as they patrol the harbour looking for love. I must admit I do love them and if you have been to Seahouses you will know how tame they are and love a bit of bread. They are very intelligent to as they know the noise and colour of one particular fishing that come into the harbour as they follow it everyday looking for some scraps of food.

The cliff faces were covered in Guillemots and it looked very settled until I revved my engine and then they all flew off in a big circle and then landed again.

The Razorbill were rafting and the water around the Farnes and those little Tommy Noddies (Puffins) were back again. They are cracking birds and no wonder they are the nations favourite with their colourful bills and bright orange feet. They do put a smile on my face.

We still have loads of seals around and they are really enjoying basking in the sun. Its not very often you see as many on the Inner group of Farnes but today we saw loads on the West Wideopens.

We were also treated to 6 Harbour Porpoise going around the boat and it looked as though they were feeding which is a good sign that the water visibility is improving.

All in all and great few days around the Farnes and hopefully this is just the start of it.

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Monika said...

You are so lucky to have your job and see all the changes in the seasons, the weather and all the wildlife.