Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Sooty Show

On Friday the 7th September I got a text to say that their had been a few sightings of Minkie Whales further out from Seahouses.

After getting no guests to join me on the first trip we put our time back to 11.30am to see if we could get a few people to view the Islands.

We ended up with 9 people so we headed out. Just outside the harbour I got another text to say that had seen a Minkie Whale so I asked our guests if they would like to go and see it. Yes was the answer so of we went.

As we were heading out we noticed a work up of Gannets so we popped over for a look. No Whales but it was great to see the Gannets diving in for food.

We looked around to see if anything was happening and we saw over 2000 Gannets circling the sky and before the lads said anything to me I was steaming towards them.

We passed lots of Guillemots, Gulls, Kittiwakes, A few Puffins and Gannets everywhere. The Gannet count must have been up to 4000 as the sea and sky was littered in them. If we did not see any Whales then Gannets would have done the job.

All the birds were feeding on Herring as we seen a Great Black-backed Gull mug a Gannet and steel the fish.

A little further down we spotted a Sooty Shearwater but it did not hang around. We were getting a little to far away and as it was supposed to be an 1.5 hour trip we decided to head back towards the Islands.

All the way back to about half a mile from the Longstone we past Gannet after Gannet after Gannet. Then another Sooty Shearwater and another and another. We have 9 in total and they were all showing well.

Yes you guessed it I did manage to get a few shots and the 1.5 hour trip ended up being a 2.5 hours. Value for money I would say, but no sign of any whales. Oh well you can't have it all.

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