Monday, 16 January 2017

Seahouses Tidal Surge

Yep you guessed it, the tidal surge happened on Friday 13th and you wonder why boating people are very superstitious. My dad was really bad, but once you start talking to other fisherman you realise he was not a bad as I first thought.
When he was a fisherman you were not allowed to lots of things. For example you were not allowed to whistle as you were whistling for the wind. Remember "Swan Vesta" matches well for some reason they were not allowed on the boat but please don't ask me why as I don't have a clue.

Some things he was superstitious about rubbed of on me and Friday13th was on of them. I'm just very wary of the date and I still go to sea but I'm just a little bit more careful in everything I do. My dad never went to sea on the 13th when he was a trawler fisherman and he never ever said 13 either. It was always 12 plus 1 or bakers dozen. My brother sometimes says the same and he's a lot more superstitious than me. I only have a couple of things that worry me and that's the Friday 13th and I always go forward with my boat at the start of the day even if it's really tight to another boat and the reason I do this is because if I go backwards I will be going backwards all day. Silly, I know but that's not bad for a boating person.

Never mind I'm getting away from what I was supposed to be blogging about.

On Friday 13th we had a storm surge down the east coast and it tends to start around our area and then head down the coast. This is just a combination of big tides, strong winds, wrong direction and a low laying coastline.

We are lucky compared to other parts of the coast but it still gets your heart pumping.

My major concern is our boats on the pier and you will see what I mean from the pictures further in the blog.
When the waves come over the pier they are so powerful that they can knock out the chocks of wood from under the boat. If they knocked them all out the boat would just fall over and do a lot of damage which is not good at all. Luckily only a few were knocked out and I was able to put them back in until it was all over. Some other people were putting their chocks back in then another wave would come over and knock them back out again.
Until the tide starts to goes out, this is all you can do and hopefully everything will be ok after the storm passes. Thankfully everything was ok and all the boats were safe and sound.

Then next day you can see all the rubbish everywhere and the beach was covered in wood, seaweed, plastic and of course the dunes were sliced apart from the waves. I know mother nature can be cruel and I know the dunes will recover in time but its not nice to see and at least we have not had any major problems to worry about.

Thank you taking time to read this blog and if you have any questions at all please just ask.

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Keith Blake said...

Re Swan Vesta matches, they are not safety matches i.e can be struck on any rough surface, and can even ignite in the box if crushed. So given a rough sea in a seaman's pocket a nasty burn could result or even a major fire.