Monday, 18 August 2014

Our Sightings

Its been a really mixed week this week and it started last Monday when I was out with divers.

We had finished our dive at the Big Harcar and we were lying at Staple Island as it was sheltered so it was easier for me to make the guys a cup of coffee, when one of them shouted look at this.

The sea had come alive with Coalfish jumping out of the water. The only ever time I had seen this was on the TV when a whale rounds the shoal of fish up and then eats them.

I waited and waited to see if there was something around but nothing surfaced.

It happened again about 20 minutes later and again nothing surfaced.

I thought this was a one off but it happened again the next day and a few more times during the week.
I gave one the guys a call on the Islands to see if they had seen it and they had. They thought it was a young seal not knowing what it was doing or just having a bit of fun.

Whatever it was it was just amazing to watch and I did manage to get a few pictures too.

The gulls were on the ball as they also got an easy meal.

There still has been a good few feeding frenzies going on and even the Gannets have been getting in on the feast.

A picture of the sand eels taken from the surface.

A nice little yaught passed the islands but it was the sail reflection in the water that caught my eye.

The Golden Plover numbers are increasing

as well as the Turnstones

 and we have had a good few Gannets passing throught the islands.

a few Harbour Porpoise have been sighted lately.

but the biggest sighting we have had this week was the Saga Sapphire passing the Inner Farne before heading out to sea.

They say she a small ship carrying 720 passengers, weighing 37,301 tones but she is not small compared to me or even the Inner Farne.


A seal playing with one of the lobster pot bouys.

Our first Sooty Shearwater of the year flying north past the Brownsman

but the Coalfish stole the show this week and they can jump some height out of the water aswell.

So here is the last picture of them clean out if the water.

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robert washington said...

Thanks for two great trips Andrew the sunset cruise and the landing trip the next day, we saw the fish jumping to a great sight it was. Look forward to meeting you again soon and staying at the old school house . Pity we couldn't get out Sunday
Robert and Carole