Monday, 26 August 2013

Baleric Beauty

I heard this morning that their were loads of Manx Shearwaters near the Farnes and I thought to myself that I should go out and have a look before the day starts, but things never go to plan and I got delayed so there was no chance I was going to make it out and back in time.

After kicking myself during the first trip I realized I was on a landing trip and I could drop my guests off into the Island and go and have a little look. A few friends were onboard the boat and they were up for it to, so off we went.

We were just north of the Megstone and we came across 10 Manxies on the water, then a bit further north we spotted 53.  This was a great start and hopefully more to come.

After a few pictures I watched them fly to far away so we decided to do a big circle and head back towards the Inner Farne.

We headed east first and I noticed a few more but after looking a little bit harder I noticed not just a few but over 160 resting on the water. We slowly cruised towards them and then I noticed a larger, brown, dirty looking bird amongst the Manx Shearwaters and I first thought it was a Baleric Shearwater but then I was not sure as I kinda got myself a little to excited.  The rest of the gang missed it but I could not check my camera as its broken and the screen is all cracked. The one of the gang said was this it. I grabbed the camera and looked at the screen and oh boy it was a Baleric. Well those were polite words.

Then I started to doubt myself....What if....I can't be....Can I look again...

None of the gang are birders and I just needed someone to tell me that I'm not dreaming. A quick phone call to the Head Ranger David Steel to see if I was right and then a huge sigh of relief. "Get In"

I was really pleased and I could not wait to get home to see if my pictures came out okay.

I was lucky as I got a good few and then I realized I do really need a new camera.

I have some good one's of the Manx Shearwaters but they can wait for now as this beauty takes centre stage

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