Saturday, 6 July 2013

Bridled Tern

Well what a mad few day's it been. I have never had so many phone calls in my life and have never been so tired but it was well worth it as I have been blessed by this beauty of a bird. I have also met some really nice people on this roller coaster ride and I hope they enjoyed the bird just as much as I have.

I have to say a big thank you to everyone that has joined me or my brother on the boat to see the Brilded Tern and a massive thank you to David Steel and all the Rangers on the Farne Islands for all their hard work the past few days. You guys need a pat on the back.

The Tern has now been sighted at Cresswell just down the road from us but you never know it might return to the Inner Farne once again.

I would like to say thank you to Gary Woodburn for helping me out and Alan Tilmouth, Tom Tams and Mike Malpass for the pictures they have gave me to post, which was very kind of them. 

Until the next big twitch here are some of the pictures for you.

Mike Malpass pictures.

 Tom Tams pictures.


Annie said...

Beautiful :)

John Hall said...


thanks for the great day out on Thursday even though we didn't see the Tern it was still a super trip. I did catch up with it on Friday.


Stringer said...

Awesome pics and just a great bird !

Thanks Andrew.

drcolin said...

echo John's comments. Thanks for trying so hard on Thursday. Like John, I caught up with it Friday as well.